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RARAS CRO PERU was opened.


Incorporates its own Data Management team



Two of the leading investigation groups in Latin America merge to found RARAS with offices in Uruguay, Brazil and Panama.


Incorporates its own Medical Writing team


RARAS consolidates presence in LATAM and opens its own operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia.

Our global Footprint

Our global footprint


Our Offices: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Panamá, Uruguay

Current clients from: Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Israel, Ireland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, USA


RARAS is built around a single concept: to deliver the next generation of clinical research. Providing a trustworthy high-quality access to Latin America to foreign sponsors and bring the efficiencies and standards of the USA and Europe to our local clients. We don't invest in overhead, we invest in our human resources and maintain an efficient structure to translate these this saving to our clients.

Executive team


Co-Founder & CEO


Claudia Rodriguez Verde

Co-Founder & CEO

Claudia has over 20 years of experience in clinical research. Held positions as CEO and as Director of Quintiles (IQVIA) for Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay. Oversaw a remarkable 6x fold expansion of the company in Latin America, co-founded 2 CROs and is a recognized figure in the industry.  A major interlocutor between academia, investigators and government, Board Member of Porsaleu-Foundation for Patients with Leukemia & Lymphoma is also a regular speaker in Real World Evidence and Real-World Data in Argentina, Brazil & Europe.


Sandra Facincone

Co-Founder & Director of Clinical Development

Sandra brings outstanding qualifications with almost 30 years of experience in Clinical Research across a wide variety of indications including oncology, rare diseases, infectious disease, endocrinology, immunology, anesthesiology, pneumology and cardiology. Was Guest Researcher of the Immune-Pathology Department at Northwestern University and is a Post-Graduate in Hematology and Biology of Disease at University of Westminster. Holds a B.Sc. in Medical Biology, a B.Sc. in Pharmacy, a MSc. in Pathology and a Ph.D in Immunology.


Leonardo Abizaid

Co-Founder - Director of Business Development and Medical Affairs

Leonardo was COO of CRC – the largest CRO for medical devices in Brazil – since 2007 before joining RARAS. Over the years he has built an impressive portfolio particularly in the field of cardiovascular medical devices. He maintains an effective working relationship with major university hospitals, and key players in the Device Industry worldwide. He currently leads RARAS Business Development and Medical Affairs ensuring client access to leading investigators in Brazil and Latin America.


Jaqueline Reis

Sr. Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Leads our Medtech Regulatory Department and oversees all Ethics submissions in Brazil. Jaqueline supports all our record-breaking timelines in approvals. A solid professional with a 360 overview of clinical research by her previous roles as CRA, understand the impact of decisions being made during start-up throughout the project execution.


Fernanda Kuhn



Juliana Gomes


Has a Masters in Animal Biology and Behavior. Previous to RARAS held positions as data manager and clinical study coordinator. With extensive experience in Oncology, Infectious disease, cardiology and others.

Juliana has a degree in Biomedical Science and Masters in Pathology. On top of her experience in complex therapeutic areas, including rare disease, psychiatry, neurology, cell therapy, she leads our pre-clinical studies, including project design.


Emilia Wendt, PhD


Emilia is a PhD in Biology, a university professor and experienced R&D professional. Has evolved in RARAS from Patient Advocacy roles to CRA and from Pharma to Medtech, paving the way for exceptional support to RARAS’ clients.


Sofía Effa

Financial Analyst Latin America

Accountant, graduated with Honors from Universidad Ort Uruguay is be based out of our office in Montevideo, leading RARAS’ service center and supporting our expanding operations.


Caram, PhD

Clinical Development Manager

Laura Caram is PhD and Post-PhD in Physiopathology and highly experience pharma professional. Prior to joining RARAS, occupied escalating positions within the pharmaceutical industry including top companies such as Eurofarma and NCfarma. Laura leads Medical Writing and other activities to support our Product Development design and strategy.


Renata Viana, MD

Medical Affairs Manager

Dr. Viana is a Surgeon general and pediatric surgeon by training, former researcher at Columbia University, is a seasoned clinical research professional and brings RARAS a solid experience conducting clinical trials in renowned hospitals in Brazil.


Juliana Santiago

Project Manager

Juliana is a highly skilled professional with a remarkable track record in clinical research in the top global CROs with extensive experience in high complexity trials including psychiatry, oncology, infectious disease, and rare diseases, among others.


Gleice Souza

Sr. Medical Writer

Has a degree in Biomedicine and Masters in Clinical Medicine. Gleice is a highly experienced medical writer with a thorough understanding of different therapeutic areas.


Alana Moura, PhD

Patient Advocacy

Alana is a PhD in Biochemistry and Postdoc in Medical Genetics. An experienced researcher in several areas including Covid vaccines. She leads our Patient Advocacy, unique role in CROs, developing meaningful relationships with families, caregivers and investigators.


Marisa Sanvito, MD, MBA

Director of Clinical Operations

Dr. Sanvito has been instrumental in the development of clinical research in Latin America, from her leading positions over the years in major pharmaceutical companies, from Pharmacia to Abbott and clinical research organizations. Many of the most renowned investigators and other professionals in the Region owe her their path in clinical research. A seasoned professional with a remarkable track record of accomplishments.


Carolina Duque

Quality Assurance Manager

Carolina has a solid experience in clinical research through escalating positions over the years from site study coordinator and CRA to Territory Manager and Clinical Study Manager in pharma and devices. She leads our Quality Assurance Department and represents RARAS in the Board of Avanzar in Colombia.


Juan Guerrero

Clinical Database Developer

A highly skilled professional, Bioengineer, entrepreneur, professor of Biomedical Engineering and R&D professional. Juan leads our Data Management unit and is instrumental in new paths that RARAS is opening. His knowledge of the entrepreneurial landscape and the obstacles that new ideas face to materialize is extremely valuable to RARAS’ Sponsors.


Marilia Leão, PhD

Regulatory Analyst

Marília is a researcher in Rare Diseases and Cardiology with a PhD in Pulmonary Hipertension, university professor and experienced researcher. Provides a solid scientific background to our stellar regulatory affairs team, supporting the ever-expanding complexity of new developments.


Candela Sanchez

Regulatory Analyst

A Pharmacist and Biochemist candidate in Argentina, has worked in Regulatory Affairs at Boehringer and supports our operations in Argentina.


Graciela Romero, MD

Medical Affairs Manager

A Cardiologist with extensive experience in Clinical Research, including Regulatory and Monitoring and as Investigator. Works part-time for RARAS, as she still sees patients in Hospital Italiano in Buenos Aires.


Fiorella Romero

Clinical Database Developer


Carolina Fernández


Bioengineering candidate and Frontend developer. It’s very difficult to find young talent with the impressive CV that Fiorella has built. From designing methodologies for managing neurophysiological information using data science techniques to developing quality tests for mechanical ventilators.

A trained nurse and seasoned clinical research professional with over 20 years’ experience in several therapeutic areas including Oncology, Respiratory, Metabolic and Infectious Diseases.



At RARAS inclusion and diversity are not just fashionable or politically correct words. We believe that a diverse work environment promotes the creativity and the flexibility that our clients around the world expect. Numbers speak by themselves


of our staff are women


of executive positions are occupied by women

Want to join us? We are always looking for Rare people!


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